Edie Galley knows what it takes to step into greatness and live the life of your dreams and she is passionate about helping others to do just that.


She took a leap and stepped out on her own from a corporate career as an Accounting Executive with Verizon for over eight years, because while it was a good job, she knew it wasn’t her path.

With no experience at all she embarked on a career in sales and not only found something that fired her up but achieved success while also setting records and winning awards.

Her success along with changes in her personal life led her to begin doing consulting and training with companies looking to increase their sales.

It was on one of those consulting contracts for a business radio show in South Florida that her career began to shift again. Edie became a co-host for the show and things took off from there. She started a podcast network, By For and About Women Radio which had several shows and listeners in over 41 countries. She also found her true passion and gift for guiding others to tap their inner courage, find their voice and act on their vision to accomplish their goals and get the results they want in life.

She now not only coaches highly successful individuals and companies, she’s a speaker,  podcast host, does a YouTube show, blogs, and has a book scheduled to be published in 2017.