Three Common Phrases That Could Be Sabotaging Your Success

Having coached individuals who are highly successful as well as individuals who want more but are struggling, I’ve identified key distinctions that can make a big difference. One of these distinctions that is remarkably different in the two groups is specific phrases they use. These phrases are often used by those struggling and not used by those experiencing success. I’ve also witnessed the difference when a struggling client I’ve coached stopped using these phrases. These three phrases create subconscious blocks that can sabotage your success.

The three key phrases:

It’s hard – this phase automatically triggers a drain of energy and an aversion to doing whatever it is. It may be a stretch, it may challenge you, but the minute you use this phrase your momentum and motivation take a backslide. Some empowering alternatives, I’m so proud of what I’ve done, the stretch to do this is big and I’m up for it, I can do this.

I can’t (or I don’t know if I can) – using this phase is pretty much a guarantee that you won’t be able to accomplish whatever it is. It often seems to come from fear of not being able to do it. More empowering phrase options, I haven’t done it before but I’m going to do it, I’ve surprised myself before with what I can accomplish I’m willing to try this, this could work.

I wish – this automatically sets up a vision in your mind that this is merely a pipe dream, not something that is really going to happen. Phrases that create better results, I want this, I will do what it takes, if others can do it, I can too.

Often the phrases we use are automatic and we don’t give them much thought. We say them without even realizing they can be holding us back from what we really want. If you are determined to be more successful, pay attention to the phrases you use. I’ve seen the difference these phrases make first hand. Sometimes it’s the simplest changes that lead to the biggest results. Make sure what you say is empowering your success not sabotaging it.

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  1. Victoria Wieszkowiak
    Extreme Health Chef & Spa Technician
    Great post Edie. Thank you. I would add, shield ourselves from people who speak those types of words over us. Keep positive company.

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